The Importance of Giving Back

Mike and Jodi PieschelMike Pieschel, a banker in Springfield and his wife Jodi established the Pieschel Family Foundation in 1995 by contributing $1,000,000 to the Minnesota Family Foundation to serve as a permanent endowment to benefit their community and favorite charities.

Annual grants from this endowment are expected to be $50,000 to $60,000 and are intended to enhance the social, cultural, educational, economic, spiritual and recreational quality of life and living in the Springfield.

“The Springfield community has been extremely good to us and it is important to us to give something back to our community” Mr. Pieschel said. “We have been fortunate and have been successful and we feel it is appropriate that a generous amount should flow back to the community.”

The Pieschel’s added an additional $1.3 million to the Pieschel Family Foundation from the Brian Pieschel Trust following the death of their son, Brian, in 2009.