It Can Be Done


In 1937, Martin Ehlers moved to Redwood Falls, MN. Martin started the Ehlers Department Store in 1938 with the motto “It can be done”, as his driving force. Through hard work and dedication, Martin eventually owned 21 department stores in 21 different towns. Each store had approximately ten employees. Martin started his first store without any financial help. It was only through hard work and dedication that Martin was able to succeed in the clothing business. During his years in business, Martin’s hobby was work, and work was his hobby. Do not ever be afraid of hard work. While hard work and dedication is the basis for success, education plays a key role in the complete development of the student.

Your pursuit of secondary education (regardless of whether the school is a vocational institution, private or public college) is very important to Martin and Winifred. “We will always need good mechanics and plumbers just as we will always need professional people,” said Martin. It does not matter what major you choose. However, it does matter if you have chosen to better yourself through higher education.

Because of the generosity of Martin and Winifred Ehlers, you may receive an interest free student loan to help further your education. “By helping the youth of our community to better themselves through education, we are assuring the betterment of our community for the future,” said Martin Ehlers. Martin and Winifred Ehlers strongly believe in investing in the future.

You may receive a loan only after the Ehlers Student Fund Board of Directors looks very carefully at your academic ability, your need for the funds and your moral character. These factors are carefully taken into consideration by the Board of Directors as they award student loans. Additionally, you have given them a comfort level that you will indeed carry-out your educational goals and that you will be diligent about paying back your student loan. When you pay back your loan, you are assuring future students in the area that they will have the same opportunity as you did in being able to obtain an interest free loan for their education.

Achieving your academic goals and especially being able to demonstrate leadership in school, civic and other extracurricular activities as well as motivation to serve and succeed are very important to Martin and Winifred Ehlers. Martin especially would like you to keep in mind that when setting your academic goals – always remember, “It can be done.”

Good Luck on your future studies.